IP Defender : DDoS Protection

The most efficient solution against DDoS Attacks


When a server is unable to process all the requests it receives, there is a “denial of service”. A DDoS attack (distributed denial of service) is to bombard a target server queries simultaneously with multiple computers, so that it completely overflows, and is unable to answer. The website depending on that server becomes inaccessible.



To ensure continuity of your business, Neo Telecoms has developed a targeted and effective protection against DDoS attacks: IP Defender.
Our security offer is going to detect and neutralize upstream attacks before they impact your critical applications and services. Choosing our solution is a guarantee of :
  • Ensuring the availability of critical IP services such as DNS
  • Reduction of customer outage time
  • Reinforcement of safety rules
  • Continuity of legitimate service to maintain an optimal level of user satisfaction

Please do not hesitate to contact us about our Anti DDoS attacks solution.